Miracle Moringa Leaf Powder


Miracle Moringa contains Moringa Oleifera, known as the ‘Miracle Tree’, which has been described as the most nutritious plant known. It is non-toxic, grown organically and is quite safe enough for babies and pregnant women.

It has been used successfully to treat malnutrition in India and Africa.

Indigenous to India, it is renowned in ayurvedic medicine to be the cure for 300 diseases. Indeed, modern science is now beginning to support this view.

Analysis of the dried leaf from which Amorganic Miracle Moringa is made, shows that it contains an impressive 90-plus nutrients, including some 46 antioxidants, 20 amino acids including all the essential ones, vitamins and minerals, chlorophyll, anti-inflammatories, antibacterials and Omega fatty acids 3-6-9.

Moringa Leaf Powder Typical Analysis Per 30 g


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Compared with foods

Each 100 g of dried leaf powder of Miracle Moringa / Moringa Oleifera contains approximately:

  • 9 times the protein of yoghurt
  • 17 times the calcium of milk
  • 25 times the iron of spinach
  • 15 times the potassium of bananas
  • 10 times the vitamin A (beta carotene) of carrots
  • 0.5 times the vitamin C of oranges


Over-fed and under-nourished

One of the serious health problems these days is that many people are over-fed and under-nourished. This is largely due to the consumption of junkfoods and imbalanced diet. However, another reason is the intake of synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements which account for most brands on the market.


Most supplements are not foods

The widely available supplements on the market today are not foods. They are made in the laboratory and are not readily assimilated by the body.

There is research documenting that they can actually have harmful effects. This is true especially for the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E, but also synthetic vitamin C or ascorbic acid.

Recent research shows that synthetic ascorbic acid can thicken the arterial walls leading to a serious risk of heart disease. Because synthetic vitamin C is very poorly absorbed, very high doses are usually prescribed to produce any observable benefit, making this a particularly dangerous situation. Another concern that most vitamin C is manufactured from genetically modified corn.

The potential dangers of genetic modification of foods is another horror story.


Quality is better than quantity

Where food and nutrition are concerned, quality is most certainly better and healthier than quantity.

This is how superfoods such as MMiracle Moringa / Moringa Oleifera can literally save our lives by supplying natural organic nutrients in a supplement to offset the negative effects of our modern lifestyle.+


Specific benefits

Miracle Moringa / Moringa Oleifera is currently used to treat:

  • malnutrition
  • diabetes and related blood sugar problems
  • high cholesterol
  • blood pressure
  • arthritis
  • immune deficiency
  • infections
  • anaemia
  • osteoporosis
  • low energy
  • colitis
  • breast milk deficiency
  • pregnancy problems
  • nervous conditions
  • liver and kidney problems
  • respiratory problems
  • obesity
  • hormone imbalance
  • skin conditions
  • acidosis
  • cancer
  • HIV, and much more.

Miracle Moringa / Moringa Oleifera is a concentrated food, not a medicine. Any benefits are a result of the superior nutrition it provides.

This information is for educational purposes only and does not replace professional medical diagnosis and treatment.