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Natural supplements vs synthetic

Flower from the Moringa Oleifera tree

Flower from the Moringa Oleifera tree

Most supplements on the market are entirely or partially synthetic and even though they are usually sold under the banner of ‘health foods’. Synthetic vitamins and inorganic minerals, while useful for severely malnourished bodies that will utilize whatever nourishment they can get, are not good for the health of the average person looking to supplement  their generally poor diet.

The human body is designed to digest and assimilate complex organic compounds as found in nature. Synthetics are foreign to the system and lack the ‘satellite’ nutrients needed for the body to properly process them. This leads to imbalances which eventually lead to disease.

Natural supplements. on the other hand, are organically grown whole foods that contain all that we need for good health under ‘normal’ circumstances. After all, the human race as well as the animal kingdom have survived for umpteen thousands of years on natural foods without synthetics.


Why we need supplements in the first place

Unfortunately we do not live in ‘normal’ times now. Chemical and other pollution, as well as soil quality, seriously impacts on our health. In the 21st century we need extra super nutrients, such as antioxidants, to be able to live healthy lives. Fortunately, we can get what we need through taking herbal and natural supplements and superfoods.


Over-fed and under-nourished

One of the serious health problems these days is that many people are over-fed and under-nourished. This is largely due to the consumption of junk foods and an imbalanced diet. However, another reason is the intake of synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements which account for most brands on the market.


Most supplements are not foods

The widely available supplements on the market today are not foods. They are made in the laboratory and are not readily assimilated by the body.

There is research documenting that they can actually have harmful effects. This is true especially for the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, and E, but also synthetic Vitamin C or ascorbic acid.

Recent research shows that synthetic ascorbic acid can thicken the arterial walls leading to a serious risk of heart disease. Because synthetic Vitamin C is very poorly absorbed, very high doses are usually prescribed to produce any observable benefit, making this a particularly dangerous situation.

Fortunately. all is not doom and gloom, because natural supplements are indeed available today. For example, natural Vitamin C is can be found in superfoods such as Camu Camu.


Some supplements have GMO ingredients

Another concern is that most Vitamin C is manufactured from genetically modified (GMO) corn. The potential dangers of genetic modification of foods is another horror story that deserves its own forum.


Quality is better than quantity

Where food and nutrition are concerned, quality is most certainly better and healthier than quantity.

This is how superfoods such as Miracle Moringa / Moringa Oleifera can literally save our lives by supplying natural organic nutrients in a supplement to offset the negative effects of our modern lifestyle.

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